Eat your heart out, Dracula

Scientists turn blood into biscuits and chocolate
By Karyn Miller, Chris Stephen and Michael Mainville (Filed: 01/08/2004)

It has always been the staple and highly nutritious food of vampires even if a diet consisting entirely of blood could hardly be considered balanced. But now scientists have found a way of turning it into biscuits, yoghurts and drinks.

The scientists, from the Voronezh State Technological Academy in Russia, say that mass production could begin in six months. They also say that their blood-based foods taste as good as the real thing.

Dr Ludmila Antipova, the head of the academy's Department of Meat and Meat Products, said: 'When we were first working on the project we had 16 students involved, and the main problem was that they would keep eating the experiments.
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