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  • Peter Graves R.I.P.

    More sad news for Genre TV. Peter Graves has passed away.

    I grew up with STAR TREK and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, they made a huge impact on my early life.

    Who can forget his Clarence Ovuer from AIRPLANE?
    Yes, I still collect Laserdiscs!!
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    Sad news. I loved him in Mission Impossible and loved his voice in general.

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      I haven't posted in sooo long, but always read the posts. This brought me out.

      How sad. He was the best on Mission Impossible. I always would watch MI on TV ... but it made it most enjoyable watching him in it.

      He was always so cool and in command.


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        I don't mean to hijack this thread ... but also recently Gene Barry died. It might have been less fanfare than this death ... but I saw both of these actors mostly the same, and was sad. Gene Barry had a TV program called "Burke's Law", and then that changed into "Amos Burke, Secret Agent". He was so coooool in both of those programs.

        I think he set it up for Peter Graves. Well, both Gene Barry and Patrick McKnee, and ... sorry, I'm really regressing and remembering here.