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    Mission Impossible: A Civil Discussion of Pollitics


    By Joshua Holland, Gadflyer. Posted July 26, 2004.

    Scratch the surface of a black conservative group and you find a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    "Black Conservative to Rebut NAACP Leader's Remarks in C-SPAN Interview," read the press release from Project 21, an organization of conservative African-Americans.

    I had read in Reuters that Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, had called groups like Project 21 "make-believe black organizations," and a "collection of black hustlers" who have adopted a conservative agenda in return for "a few bucks a head."

    So I tuned into C-SPAN with interest to hear what a leading voice in the black conservative movement had to say.
    But then a funny thing happened: The African-American spokesperson for Project 21 caught a flat on the way to the studio, and the group's director had to fill in. And he was white.

    As the segment began there was an awkward Wizard of Oz moment as C-SPAN's Robb Harlston û himself black û turned to Project 21's Caucasian director, David Almasi, and said,

    "Um...Project 21... a program for conservative African Americans... you're not African American."

    It was a remarkable moment. A flat tire had led to a nationally televised peek into what lies behind a murky network of interconnected black conservative organizations that seek ostensibly to bring more African-Americans into the conservative movement. But they're not just reaching out to the community. They also speak out publicly for conservative positions that might evoke charges of racism if advocated by whites.

    And while that's not to say that there aren't some blacks who embrace conservative values, the groups that claim to represent them are heavily financed by business interests and often run by white Republicans.

    Almasi replied defensively, "I wanted to make clear right at the beginning that I'm an employee, I'm an employee of Project 21, my bosses are the members of Project 21, the volunteers...I take my marching orders from them, not from anybody else."

    Almasi told me by phone that he is Project 21's only paid staffer, and that he works part-time. He said that the approximately 400 volunteers û among whom there was a core of "a few dozen" û were simply conservative blacks "willing to do interviews, be quoted for press releases and be available to write for Project 21 publications," and that his role was simply to serve as "a syndicator, an editor and a scheduler."

    But Project 21 is a subsidiary of the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), which, according to the liberal watchdog, was formed in the 1980s to support Reagan's military interventions in Central America.

    NCPPR's leadership û president, vice president, executive director û are all white. Amy Ridenour, former Deputy Director of the College Republican National Committee and the organization's president, also sits on the board of Black America's PAC, an organization that claims to be nonpartisan but whose IRS filings state that its mission is to elect Republicans.

    NCPPR's directors are also all white. In fact, one of them û Jack Abramoff û is so white that he's actually a high-powered GOP lobbyist and Bush 'Pioneer' who, according to the Washington Post, is the target of multiple investigations into alleged funny-money payments from Indian gambling concerns (along with the $45 million in fees they collected from them, Abramoff and his partner Michael Scanlon convinced the tribes to donate large sums to conservative organizations run by Scanlon, which then funneled the money back to Abramoff, according to the Post).
    Whoda thunk Sean Hannity was a Black Conservative ???

    That was the teaser, here is the link

    Rest of the story
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    It is a terrible shame that politicians/lawyers attempt to manipulate the public by financing organizations that they apparently have nothing in common with. Except their politcal views. Manipulation of greed is a tool of the rich. I would love to receive a grant to expand public knowledge of my views. What benefits the volunteers of Project 21 reap is unknown to me. If it's money, it's under the table money. Oh, and the flat tire, probably wasn't an accident.

    I have in the past and even now continue to work with many Americans who have dark colored skin. Most of them are hard working individuals. They are by far the strictest critics of the black community I have ever heard, until Bill Cosby started speaking the truth just over a month ago. They ARE conservatives. But they usually vote democratic, because they know republicans represent the rich white minority. But now, in my opinion, so do the democrats.

    [email protected]#[email protected]#$!! gotta go...I knew better than to try to respond whilst at work.
    I had the dagger in my hand! And he has the indecency to start dying on his own.


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      I think Project 21 could better be described as an undercover "Missionary" effort.
      Trying to convince black people that there really ARE "Black Republicans".

      It's just a step above herding them into the church at gunpoint...

      Meanwhile, here's a fun little item from

      the Whiskey Bar

      I, Republican

      The three laws of Republicanotics:

      1. A Republican may not injure a corporation, or, through inaction, allow a corporation to come to harm.

      2. A Republican must obey the orders given it by corporations except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

      3. A Republican must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


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        Meanwhile, the enticing aroma of Hypocricy fills the early morning air...

        Complete story

        GOP flier questions new voting equipment

        As Gov. Bush defends touch screen machines, his party urges using absentee ballots to "Make sure your vote counts."

        By STEVE BOUSQUET, Times Staff Writer
        Published July 29, 2004

        BOSTON - While Gov. Jeb Bush reassures Floridians that touch screen voting machines are reliable, the Republican Party is sending the opposite message to some [Republican] voters.

        The GOP urged some Miami voters to use absentee ballots because touch screens lack a paper trail and cannot "verify your vote."

        That's the same argument Democrats have made but which Bush, his elections director and Republican legislators have repeatedly rejected.

        "The liberal Democrats have already begun their attacks and the new electronic voting machines do not have a paper ballot to verify your vote in case of a recount," says a glossy mailer, paid for by the Republican Party of Florida and prominently featuring two pictures of President Bush. "Make sure your vote counts. Order your absentee ballot today."

        The GOP tactic is the reverse of what Bush and state elections experts have said as they have repeatedly opposed Democratic moves, in the Legislature and courts, to require a paper trail on the machines.

        Such a Deal we got...

        Dirty Dealing ??

        Audit: Tech office can't justify deals
        By Associated Press
        Published July 29, 2004

        TALLAHASSEE - A scathing audit says the State Technology Office may have improperly awarded big contracts to vendors who used politically connected lobbyists, but officials said Wednesday the agency has since changed the way it does business.

        The 20-page audit said the Technology Office, created by Gov. Jeb Bush nearly six years ago, failed to provide even basic justification for many of the deals.

        The audit showed more than three dozen companies had some interest in doing work with the agency, but the contracts appeared to be designed to give an advantage to two - Accenture and BearingPoint - and included clauses that gave them opportunities for price increases and renegotiations.

        The audit said "the competitive process may have been circumvented" in awarding contracts to the two companies, which are responsible for a number of state operations, including the state's Web site. Both have longtime Bush friends and political supporters lobbying on their behalf, although those relationships were not mentioned in the audit.

        Auditor General Bill Monroe recommended that at least seven deals worth more than $300-million be renegotiated to make sure the state's taxpayers get their money's worth.


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          To understand Why Accenture might not be such a great company, check out This story:

          A New kind of Welfare "Fraud" ??

          Accenture welfare payment system under fire in Ontario
          An Ontario legislator wants a public inquiry into the troubled $213M system

          News Story by Marc Songini

          JULY 29, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Questions about the cost, stability and usability of a controversial $213.8 million welfare payment system in Ontario continue to plague IT services vendor Accenture Ltd., which created the program for the province's Ministry of Community and Social Services.

          The system, custom-written for the agency by Accenture as part of a business transformation project by the province, was originally slated to cost $135 million. The goal was to create a real-time, Web-enabled application that embedded some 800 rules governing social services payment eligibility, as well as prevent fraud, reduce caseloads and improve service. Started in 1997, the system was also designed to retire eight legacy systems that were unable to share case data.

          But since going live in January 2002, critics have charged that the new system has proved difficult to use and requires time-consuming work-arounds. And according to a Ministry of Community and Social Services report, it cost workers $1.6 million in lost productivity due to downtime in 2003.

          Topping off those concerns, Bermuda-based Accenture -- which recently won a $10 billion U.S. Department of Homeland Security project (see story) -- is now billing the province nearly $1 million to tweak the system so it can calculate a 3% across-the-board raise for welfare recipients.

          The system upgrade is expected to cost the province $7.5 million eventually, and has led to a call for a formal inquiry from Ontario legislator and House leader Peter Kormos, minister of provincial parliament, who is from Niagara Centre.

          "Here we have one half a billion [Canadian] dollars [or $376 million U.S.] in costs [to the province] in computers, operating systems and programs, and the system can't calculate a 3% increase in social assistance benefits," he said. "Not being able to add 3% is like buying a car without a steering wheel and General Motors is talking about it as an optional accessory."


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            For one thing, nothing is a black or white issue unless you make it one. Lower class blacks are afraid to do good in school and act responsible because they will be accused of "acting white." My best friend was accused of "acting white," "fucking a whiteboy" (they said me and him were gay lovers), and being a "devil lover" (he had like two white girlfriends in the span of a year, compared to several more black and Hispanic ones).

            But he didn't care. After party time was over when we were 22 or so, he joined the Marines and had a great life. His uncle, the person who called him a "devil lover," is in and out of jail all the time and is a big time doper.

            It isn't about "keeping it real," or "staying black." It's about what it takes to make it in this country and laying aside the childishness and immaturity. There is no "acting black" or "acting white." Eminem acts like an idiot. DMX acts like an idiot. They are NOT acting black. To say so insults all the hard-working, normal blacks in this country.

            I can understrand Cosby's frustration, but he must realize that all he can do is set an example and let people take personal responsibility for their actions.

            It's funny how foreigners come over here and make a big business while Okie Joe works a "long" eight hours and goes home and watches Survivor. They know what opportunities we have that we take for granted. My wife's uncle owns three stores and a restaurant and essentially lives in a mini-mansion and has a house in the city with the restaurant. He started out with jack shit coming from El Salvador as a refugee during the civil war (damn FMLN).

            And her step-father is becoming owner/operator of a small chain of E-Z marts, and he came from Peru 15 years ago. Speaking of which, they are having a huge Peruvian bash this weekend at a community center with lots of food and Incan music. Time to party!
            Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.


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              Are Your Tax Dollars subsidizing Wal-Mart ??

              Subsidizing Wal-Mart

              UC Berkeley study estimates Wal-Mart employment policies cost California taxpayers $86 million a year

              By Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations | 02 August 2004

              BERKELEY û Employment policies at Wal-Mart, the nation's largest employer, cost California taxpayers approximately $86 million a year in public assistance to company workers, according to a University of California, Berkeley, study released today (Monday, Aug. 2).

              The study indicates that Wal-Mart workers in California rely on the state for about $32 million annually in health-related services, and $54 million a year in other assistance such as subsidized school lunches, food stamps and subsidized housing.

              "When workers do not earn enough to support themselves and their families through their own jobs, they rely on public safety net programs to make ends meet," said the report by Arindrajit Dube of UC Berkeley's Institute for Industrial Relations, and Ken Jacobs of the campus's Center for Labor Research and Education.

              The researchers said they conservatively estimate that the approximately 44,000 workers at 143 Wal-Mart and its sister Sam's Club stores in California earn about 31 percent less than workers in large retail as a whole, and that 23 percent fewer Wal-Mart/Sam's Club workers generally are covered by employer-sponsored health insurance than workers in large retail.

              There is an array of reasons for the low rates of coverage, said the researchers. They include higher employee turnover, eligibility issues, employee costs for health plans and plan quality.

              In the end, Wal-Mart essentially "is shifting part of its labor costs onto the public," the report said.
              More on the web site.

              Additional Link:

              Wal Mart Wage study

              Beware: Trickle Down Economics At Work

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                This is assuming every assclown out there will rely on welfare and other state assistance. Can't pay for health care for you and your four kids? Get another job. Make your old lady work. Get your tubes tied.

                Just please don't raise minimum wage. If you do, then everything else will go up and I won't be earning as much and even after my company adjusts, the margin between my pay and minimum wage still won't be what it was. Raising MW only gives teenagers (who are like 80% or more of the MW work force) and others a short boost so they can buy a big screen TV to put in their run down duplex instead of using the money wisely.

                I worked 72 hours a week last year for five months, paid off my credit cards, medical bills, property taxes and now I have about $200 extra a month that is free. I didn't even have to do it...I just wanted to get it all paid off.
                Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.


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                  teenagers (who are like 80% or more of the MW work force) and others a short boost so they can buy a big screen TV to put in their run down duplex instead of using the money wisely.
                  You obviously haven't been paying attention lately.

                  Of course, your mind is also made up, so we won't try too hard to confuse you with facts...

                  BTW, don't forget to warn us about the dangers of the Welfare Cadillac...


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                    <<You obviously haven't been paying attention lately.>>

                    They're buying plasma TV's???????????!!!!!
                    Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.


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                      They're buying plasma TV's???????????!!!!!
                      Sounds like you've got a list of Names.

                      Care to Share??


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                        How's this for Election Year pollerticks??

                        Let's committ a Felony for Headlines...

                        Pakistan: U.S. blew undercover operation
                        Al-Qaida suspect was secretly cooperating with counterrorist sting

                        U.S. officials said the secret agent was the source of information that led to security alerts in New York, where police patrolled outside the New York Stock Exchange, New Jersey and Washington.

                        The al-Qaida suspect named by U.S. officials as the source of information that led to this weekÆs terrorist alerts was working undercover, Pakistani intelligence sources said Friday, putting an end to the sting operation and forcing Pakistan to hide the man in a secret location.

                        Under pressure to justify the alerts in three Northeastern cities, U.S. officials confirmed a report by The New York Times that the man, Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, was the source of the intelligence that led to the decision.

                        A Pakistani intelligence source told Reuters on Friday that Khan, who was arrested in Lahore secretly last month, had been actively cooperating with intelligence agents to help catch al-Qaida operatives when his name appeared in U.S. newspapers.

                        Monday evening, after KhanÆs name appeared, Pakistani officials moved him to a secret location.

                        The rest is on the web site...

                        Undercover Intelligence Op Blown


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                          Well come on, damnit! George had to get them poll numbers back up and scare the shit outta ev'rbody. WooHoo!

                          Anthony Flessas
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                            Well come on, damnit! George had to get them poll numbers back up and scare the shit outta ev'rbody. WooHoo!
                            Well, the fact that anyone who thinks that way could get anywhere Near the White House, much less on a presidential Campaign Staff, sure scares the [email protected] outta ME!

                            This is an example of tunnel vision on a massively moronic scale.


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                              Meh, the whole situation with the blown name is murky beyond belief. Considering the whole alert was deemed political in the first place, it's kinda hard to tell exactly which parts were gov't idiocy and which weren't.

                              So keep watching the news on this. Not played out yet.
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