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  • dOCTOR wHO

    Sorry i was so excited i just had to tell someone
    They are filming doctor who just down my road!!!!! Set in Howells Department store with manakins that com to life....watched as eccleston battled the manakins...
    its been suggested that these are replacing the darleks.... i hope not
    But hey - im gunna run round town like a sad geek
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    They are an old enemy that got Dr Who into big trouble because they genuinely frightened children. Children like to classify things as either GOOD or BAD. You stay a way from bad and dangerous things. Manakins were good. Good turning bad - too confusing.
    Andrew Swallow


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      So how did the production look? Did the quality of everything look like it had money in it? Or still cheesy, but extremely well written Dr. Who, like at least the first four Doctors? How did Eccleston look? What was he wearing...very curious about the new look.

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        He looked dark, leather jacket jobby, not particualrly cheesy - though i genuinely hope theres some cheese there
        On the production side i thought it looked pretty good. I don't think theyre gunna mess this one up. I like the cast, eccleston is a great actor and i think billie piper will actually be pretty damned good.

        Theres some photos (though not particualrly great) at:

        you can get links to film footage and interviews at

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          Sounds like Autons to me...
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            Originally posted by Andrew_Swallow
            They are an old enemy that got Dr Who into big trouble because they genuinely frightened children.
            Yes, definately the Autons. 'Spearhead from space' was their original episode which was the great Pertwee's first ep as well.(Still one of my favourite episodes)

            They had hands that popped open to reveal a weapon. This, as well as their 'coming to life in shop windows' was what scared children and adults alike back then.

            It will be interesting to see how todays sophisticated audiences repond to them.