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    Yesterday the BBC started with this new SF-series. I heard it has already been on tv on your side of the pond.
    Is it any good or a just waste of my time?
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    I was watching it but they've only made 13 episodes. They *say* it's not cancelled, but..... they've only made 13 episodes. ABC, NBC, whatever station it was originally on pulled it after 7-8 episodes, and you could only see the remaining episodes on Canada's Space network.

    It's no B5, but it was okay to watch to pass the time. It had flashbacks and romantic entanglements, set in space & in mission control back on Earth. It was kind of like Crusade in that it ended before it could get too deep into the story.

    I admit that it doesn't have too much action. If it does continue, I'll give it a chance, but if not....oh well.
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