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  • James Cameron's AVATAR

    A teaser has arrived to make sweet foreplay with our eyeballs...

    Hi-Res (20.4Mb)
    HD 480P (40Mb)
    HD 720P (99.1Mb)
    HD 1080P (166Mb)

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    I'm avoiding the trailer until I see the extended preview tomorrow- twice!

    (At the RC Theater on 2nd Street in Reading PA if there's anyone else who just happens to be going there...)
    Got movies?


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      CNN has a nice 15 min interview with Cameron about Avatar:

      Here are the download links for the trailer, in case someone has missed it. Can't stop watching it in 1080P HD, the SFX look amazing.

      HD 480P (68.9Mb)
      HD 720P (171Mb)
      HD 1080P (243Mb)


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        First impression (Courtesy Rorschachspeak: )

        Visuals: Extremely Impressive.

        Plot: "Fern Gully" or "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron" ... in Space!!!

        Standard Hollywood Cliche: Military as unnecessarily aggressive stooges of government/corporate imperialist US- Er, I mean "Earth."
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          I just don't know. Aside from Titanic which I have never bothered to watch, the rest of Cameron's movies were enjoyable when I was younger. It's just after a while, the "mega-blockbuster-movie" no longer does anything for me.

          I do know that if I decide to see it, it won't be until the crowds die down. I've always had good movie experiences when there's only a handful of people in the theater, because everyone there actually wants to watch the movie. The best ones are when it's simply me.
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            Must See: Awesome Interactive Trailer Application for Avatar
            November 24, 2009
            Source: Official Website
            by Alex Billington

            This is actually pretty damn cool. Fox has launched an interactive trailer for James Cameron's Avatar using some impressive new technology. The "trailer" is a desktop application which you must install that runs using Adobe Air. Head over to to download it. Not only does it feature the trailer we've all seen before, but it has over 10 new featurettes that pop up at various points in the trailer while you're watching. Sort of like the special features on a Blu-Ray but all before the movie even comes out. Fox is doing some heavy last-minute pushing on Avatar and this is one of the coolest things they've done.
            Note: I have not tried this out myself.


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              Originally posted by Dan Dassow View Post

              Must See: Awesome Interactive Trailer Application for Avatar
              That's pretty cool. The annoying part is the featurettes interrupting the trailer, but it's better just to go through them on their own. Featurettes on the characters, creatures and vehicles, with some clips from the movie which really start to give an idea on how good the CGI really is. Also links to different news items and feeds, like some flickr images:


              Some of the photos there are up to 3840 x 2160 in resolution, the detail is amazing.

              IGN also has a 2.5 min clip from the film:


              HD download link:


              (spoilers naturally)

              These CGI characters are so good that to me it really looks more like an actor in make-up than CGI. The tech has come a long way from Gollum in LOTR.
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                Some more clips:

                "You should see your faces."

                HD download:


                Human Hardware

                HD download:


                More clips:


                "I See You", sung by Leona Lewis.

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                  I saw a bit of a "making of" last Sunday. I'll definitely go see it, even though the story line awfully reminds me of Red Scorpion with Dolph Lundgren.
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                    Saw it yesterday, and it was AWESOME. A beautiful and powerful story with more complexity to it than people will probably admit (on all levels - from the Vietnam/Iraq/Native Americans parallels to the science fiction itself), told in amazing visuals and with excellent actors. The haters will hate it, but you should go see it.
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                      I have just seen this in 3D. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad film, but this complexity that one poster refers to is just non existent.

                      For any other person but Cameron, this would have been a true career making film, but with his track record this cannot rate above a mere average. It is certainly NOT a film that will revolutionise how we watch films, in the way that he claims.

                      Whilst i did not hate it, and yes it certainly does look beautiful, there is not one hint of originality to at all, something that Cameron has usually been a leader in...until now. Who can forget the WOW factor of TERMINATOR, the balls out action of ALIENS, the thought TRUE thought provoking beauty of ABYSS, and the opulent grandeur of TITANIC?

                      The problems? Easy really,

                      It is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long. 164 minutes!? Really? It could easily have had 3/4 of an hour trimmed out of it and it would have been a better film for it. I know that I am not a professional film maker, but I am usually quite a good judge of things and by my reckoning, if a film feels just a bit too long, then it usually is a bit too long.

                      Its total lack of original ideas. AVATAR is in fact, a mish-mash of A Man Called Horse, Dances With Wolves, Aliens and Braveheart. Now it is true that there is nothing really original under the sun, but by gad! Here the parallels are so obvious it was a little cringe worthy.

                      James Horner. Just how many times is Horner going to ransack his own work. I knew it was a Horner track from the very first few moments of the film. Why does Cameron keep using him?

                      The thing that was the least problem was the 3D. It is actually done with much restraint, as an adition to the story, to enhance it. Rather than the cheap gimmick it has been used as for so long. At first I actually could not see too much depth in the all CG sections of the film but it was still there, as evidenced when small things are moving throught the screen, like the little jellyfish type creatures, or during one of the battle sequences when there is a lot of debris floating throught the air.

                      If, IF this comes to BluRay/DVD with the choice of either 3D or 2D, then get the 3D version because it - of all the films I have seen in 3D - this film uses it as it should really be an enhancement. Also, what with an all digital transfer the Blu should look stunning and should (if they do it right) be reference material for years to come.

                      Total mark, a high 6/10
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                        Originally posted by LightStorm View Post
                        Its total lack of original ideas. AVATAR is in fact, a mish-mash of A Man Called Horse, Dances With Wolves, Aliens and Braveheart. Now it is true that there is nothing really original under the sun, but by gad! Here the parallels are so obvious it was a little cringe worthy.
                        Yes. Originality was one of it's huge problems.

                        I've sort of been arguing with people over the internet the last few days, because I've taken a somewhat controversial position: as a film, Avatar wasn't even as entertaining as Transformers 2.

                        This apparently makes some people furious. But here's my rationale on this.

                        Look, we all know that Transformers 2 is a bad film. It's a total hot mess, but you know what, it was SUCH a GLORIOUS mess, that I find it oddly endearing in its own way. It makes no sense, it's plot is both needlessly complicated and amazingling thin, it's loud and obnoxious, but put it all together with the usual Michael Bay orgy of special effects and explosions, and for me it edges into so-bad-it's-good territory. Everyone going into that film knew that they were in store for a train wreck, and Bay rewarded us with a SPECATCULAR trainwreck.

                        Contrast that with Avatar, the "Dances with Smurfs" movie, which was three hours of cliched, barebones sci-fi plot-by-the-numbers stuffed to the brim with crap we've all seen before, and done much, much better. And of course, there's also the dreaded social commentary. Avatar pretty much lives up to all of the rumors surrounding it from the early reviews: it's anti-war, anti-Iraq, anti-Afghanistan, anti-"collonialism", pro-insurgent, pro-hippie-environment, anti-capitalism, anti-corporations, anti-corporate-America, pretty much anti-military, and kind of vaguely anti-America (well, at least red-state America). The only saving grace is that Cameron is so awkwardly ham-fisted, that it feels at time as like the political manifesto of an naive teenager, complaining about capitalism and the "military industrial complex" while smoking a joint and wearing it all just winds up as eye-rolling rather than offensive.

                        But, as a whole, the movie was woefully underwhelming, but everyone's jizzing over it because HEY LOOK PRETTY 3-D VISUALS!

                        This is a year that gave us a better-than-average Star Trek flick, indie sci-fi flicks like Moon, and a sleeper surprise in District 9. Transformers and Avatar can't really compete with any of those, but IMO, TF2 wins on points for at least being a spectacular failure, full of so much ridiculous nonsense that you can at least laugh along with it (or, rather, at it). Avatar was just kind of boring, outside of the pretty blue CGI cat people.

                        All that said, you know what is a ridiculously fun movie? Ninja Assassin. Probably the most entertained I've been by JMS in years.
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                          Don't get me started on Ninja Assassin! It has been in movie theaters here for just one week, in which I wasn't able to watch it. Hopefully the DVD comes out real soon...
                          What's up Drakh?


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                            I'm with Karachi Vyce on this one, unlike all other James Camron efforts (including infamous DiCaprio-vehicle Titanic), Avatar seems to be a poor outing as a movie for me. Of course, it's well done regarding cinematography and effects, but that's it - story, characters, music, plot twists, all very boring, and not at least innovative, unfortunately.


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                              The Motley Fool
                              Hollywood Accounting
                              Published in Investing on 18 January 2010
                              Creative accounting can hamper your investment returns.
                              By Tony Luckett

                              James Cameron's film Avatar is breaking box office records as audiences around the world flock to see its revolutionary special effects. But there's a big question that's yet to be answered; after the accountants have finished with it, will Avatar make a profit? ...

                              Profit, What Profit?
                              It cost roughly $100 million to produce all 110 episodes of the science-fiction TV show Babylon 5. Today, it is still being shown in numerous countries, is known to have grossed more than a $1 billion, including DVD sales. Yet the show's creator J. Michael Straczynski has never received a single cent of his entitlement to net profits. As he put it; "by the terms of my contract, if a set on a WB movie burns down in Botswana, they can charge it against B5's profits." ...