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    I remember that I stirred up a Hornets Nest when I brought this up when I was going through the Nursing Program. My arguement was based on, what do we do with terminally ill animals? We would bring them to the local Humane Society where on many occaisions the animal would be put to death so that they are no longer experiencing pain and suffering. I further explained that if we allow the terminally ill to suffer in prolonged periods of pain, where there is no other way to provide comfort and deny the person's decision to be assisted in dying, how can we call our selves a Humane Society?
    My views nearly got me into alot of trouble because Nursing, like many other aspects of health care is designed to promote health and saving lives, not assisting in death.
    I've been a Nurse now for well over 13 years and I've seen alot of people suffer when they should not. Sometimes there's the challenge of family members who insist that their loved ones remain alive as long as possible, yet they know full well that their loved one is suffering. Now keeping this person alive is clearly benefiting the family and not the patient/resident.
    This issue is also a double edged sword because I'm sure we've all heard of stories when a person is in a Coma and the doctor's believe that there's no chance of the person coming out of it. Disconnecting life support is discussed with the family and the family insists that life support be allowed to continue. Then after a period a time the person makes a suprising recovery and leads a very productive life.
    Therefore, the decision about assisted suicide needs to be examined on all fronts and examine the pros and cons in each type of case.


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      Originally posted by circularREASON View Post
      When i was about 20 years old ( many moons ago ) a family pet of ours died - a cross Jack Russell / Lakeland Terrier. An amazing dog. When it died, it crawled up onto my sisters knee, licked her hand and died.

      10 years later we had another jack russell terrier called bonnie. bonnie suffered from a heart condition. And when she passed away, she crawled onto my sisters knee, licked her hand and died.
      This is getting really heavy , so I hope you don't mind my asking circular..are you sure it was a problem with the dogs? Or did your sister have something nasty on her hand?
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        Of course it's acceptable if a person can decide for himself, based on objective information from their doctors.

        But vulnerable people who are already depressed and afraid because of their illness, may easily be coerced by their family for their inheritance. Hospitals and carehomes are frightfully expensive after all.

        The contrary is true too: nobody should be scared into lingering in pain for religious reasons.
        Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side and the truth.
        John Sheridan