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Come visit Bob the Spider and be enlightened!

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  • Come visit Bob the Spider and be enlightened!

    Yes, it's true. The chosen one, the enlightened one, Bob the Spider himself now has a website:

    "Bob the Spider is everywhere. He has always been here. Except on Thursdays." - Kosh

    "He was the ultimate point of the whole war. That's why we broke away from Earth. President Clark had lost his faith in Bob the Spider." - President John Sheridan

    "He is very cute." - Delenn

    "What?" - President John Sheridan

    "Don't be jealous, he's a spider." - Delenn

    "Grrrr. Spiders kind of look like Shadows." - President John Sheridan

    "Zathras still likes him." - Zathras (not Zathras)

    "And now, let us sing. Gloried Be The Name Of Bob." - Brother Theo
    Jonas Kyratzes | Lands of Dream