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  • Remember JumpCons?

    Jumpcons were supposed to be the Next Big Thing in cons. For a little while. Colleen Doran has posted on her blog that the organizer, Shane Senter, has been charged with felony theft and fraud for the failed cons a year or so ago.

    The JumpCons generated a lot of attention, supposedly being kind of a traveling convention with numbers of guests supposedly booked that had never been seen before. I recall reading on the website that Shane seemed to indicate that he'd come into some money and was fullfilling a dream. Even as things started falling apart he roped in a well-respected former Vulcon organizer.

    Apparently Shane is on government disability and recently declared bankruptcy. There's more detail on Colleen's blog so check it out.

    Thanks to Colleen for the heads up. For those who arent familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and check it out. She used to visit here when she was working on JMS's "Book of Lost Souls" and she's worked and is working with some of Comics' best writers. She's done the art for one of the stories in Amazing Spider-Man 600, too.

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