Hello you lovely, lovely people.

I am seeking a co-host (or co-hosts) for my podcasting show Gatecast, discussion of all thingy stargatey. The plan is to do an episode by episode break down, I've already covered children of the gods and the enemy within (respectively the pilot and the first episode). I'm usually available in the evenings my time (around 7PM BST/6pm GMT) for about 3 hours. I may also be available on weekend as I work a 9 to 5 job.

I'm phazecast on skype so can be contacted there.

This message is a tad generic as I'm posting it on most of the fora I hang around in (including a few I have not posted on in a while).

Please pm me (if possible in this forum) or email me on phazedout at phazecast dot c0m if you are interested (allowing for time zones and availability) I will be doing any editing and insertion of audio clips etc so all you need to do is talk.

I Thank you for you patience.
aka Alan K (no ID here)