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RIP Ricardo Montalban

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  • RIP Ricardo Montalban

    Ricardo Montalban, known best for Fantasy Island and Khan in Star Trek, has passed away. He was 88.

    "Jan Schroeder is insane" - J. Michael Straczynski, March 2008

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  • #2's a bad day for losing the iconic actors. I think my favorite part was when he guested on Hawaii 5-0. He was very believable as an evil mobster.

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      There's a very nice anecdote about him from Mark Evanier here:

      It sounds like a he was a very nice and classy man.


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        A true gentleman. The world should take notes.
        What a wonderful world you live in. -
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          And a wonderful anecdote. Thanks for sharing.
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            Originally posted by Karen View Post
            There's a very nice anecdote about him from Mark Evanier here:

            It sounds like a he was a very nice and classy man.
            Very nice anecdote indeed.

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              "Quien es mas macho?"
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                Good grief!!!

                STII is my favourite of the movies (equal with part IV) mainly because of Ricardo's superbly contained performance.

                The differences between Shatner and him are never more obvious during the part where Khan is telling Kirk that he is going to leave them the way they left him and his wife "...buried alive..."

                Shatner raves and spouts pure ham but Montalabns's threat is all contained in his breathy whisper. Such class and a true gentleman.

                We have lost so many genre Icons this week.

                Rest in peace Ricardo Montalban.
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                  Very nice anecdote. Sad to hear the news.