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  • Danger @ B5TV

    If any of the mods (or even AnthonyF) from B5TV are around, you may be interested to know that on attempting to visit the site a few minutes ago I received a pop-up detailing that a site called required a new ActiveX player to be installed.

    It appears that this has happened to a number of forums, and stems from an injection hack designed to get users to a spam website where they can be infected with Spyware.

    Here is a link to one such victim, with some more information

    Here is the Norton SafeWeb page about the threat.

    Sorry to bug a completely separate board with this, but I figured many of the users here would also be users there and would need a heads up, and I have no intention of re-visiting the site to try and post the warning there, given the potential for infection.

    Hopefully, someone her has an e-mail address or another way of contacting an admin over there to do something about it.

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    It has been reported on B5TV.COM

    To get out of the virus you may have to abort the web browser using the System Monitor or <cntr><alt><del>.
    Andrew Swallow


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      I suggest everyone who's been there should scan their systems. Even with popups blocked, I received a firewall notification that an intrusion attack had been blocked immediately.