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JMS to helm Star Trek franchise?!

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  • JMS to helm Star Trek franchise?!


    I'm new here. I'm a fan of Babylon 5 and JMS.

    I'm just stunned by the news that JMS is considering to helm the Star Trek franchise!

    However, I would prefers to give the Star Trek franchise a much-needed rest for perhaps a decade. Star Trek: Nemesis film damn near killed the franchise (due to ill-conceived theater placement next to the Lord of the Rings film in 2002 at Christmas time).

    In the meantime, I would like to see the old Star Trek series to be entirely re-vamped and re-made in an all CGI format, with latest scientific, technological, cosmological and historical informations. Accurate human-like CGI versions of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. Bones, the cast and other characters from the old series would be cool! No more human actors being forever typecasted as Star Trek characters (no more negotiations for higher salaries every year, no more stunt insurance costs and other expenses). Just get voice actors who can mimic the voices of Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley and others well. Let's the wizards of 3D animation and effects do the rest.

    And let's bring back the spirit of Gene Roddenberry's visions of space into the Star Trek franchise. Berman's visions of space have veered it way off the course since the DS9.

    But that's just a wishful thinking.
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    Actually, Nemisis did considerably better in foreign box-offices and on DVD.

    Jms plans to helm ST? WHere did he indicate this?

    >> John W. Kennedy wrote:
    >>> Over on one of the British B5 groups, they've been speculating that
    >>> you're about to take over "Enterprise", but unless you've suddenly
    >>> started using the word "series" in the British TV sense (i.e., what US
    >>> TV calls a "season [of a series]"), that's out.
    >> Enterprise has already been taken over by Manny Cotto. And why would jms
    >> go and work for Star Trek??<<
    >Manny Coto is, I believe, show runner; not EP.

    No, just to clarify, though I got a call last year about coming onto
    Enterprise, offering an EP position, and declined, the series I mentioned has
    nothing to do with any current series, it's a new show. As for Manny, he's a
    good writer, and left to his own devices, I think he could be a big help over
    there without the other powers that be impeding the process.

    Amusingly enough, on the Trek front, Bryce Zabel (the creator of Dark Skies)
    and I got together and wrote a treatment earlier this year that specified how
    to save ST and develop a series that would restore the series in a big way. I
    actually think it could be a hell of a show. Whether that ever goes anywhere
    with Paramount, who knows?



    No implication here of any involvement on a new ST series.


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      Remaking the original Star Trek series?
      I don't see the point. That happens a lot in comics, where very often a new writer or editor in chief decides it's time to reimagine and update the background of the characters, but I don't think it could work on a TV series (SciFi channel's revamped "Battlestar Galactica" may prove me wrong).
      Star Trek "with the latest scientific, technological, cosmological and historical informations" would be a great improvement over the technobabbling science fantasy it became... but would a realistic Star Trek even be accepted by the current fanbase?

      I guess if the JMS-Zabel treatment for a new Star Trek series was given a chance it could be a good step to reimagine it and worth watching.
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        The only things really cool about BSG were the premise and the look. The look was stolen from Star Wars and the premise was never really followed up on except for a few episodes. The rest of the time, it was just standard goofy sci-fi. I didn not like the miniseries, so I doubt I will like the series too much.
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