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STARLOST - Complete series now on DVD

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  • STARLOST - Complete series now on DVD

    For anyone interested, the 1970's CBC Sci-Fi show "Starlost" is now available for DVD. I believe this is being offered for North American consumers (NTSC) only at this time. The list price is $ 49.95 (US) for the entire series - but if you sign up for the email club, you will get an email with a promo code for 50% off your first order (I got this set for $ 25.00 + shipping).

    Here's the link and the series description:


    "A cult TV series produced in Canada -- set in the year 2790, these are the adventures of th
    e last survivors on earth. Star Trek and Dr. Who fans will love these quirky sci-fi adventures."

    That is VCI Entertainment's description of "The Starlost", the 1973 Canadian science fiction series Created by the legendary Harlan Ellison, and Executive Produced by Douglas Trumbull ("Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). Ben Bova served as a consultant on the show, which starred Keir Dullea ("Dave Bowman" from "2001: A Space Odyssey"), Gay Rowan ("Revenge of the Stepford Wives"), and Robin Ward ("Explosion"). The story surrounds that of "The Earthship Ark", an 8000-mile-long spaceship carrying the surviving people and other Earth species following a catastrophe that doomed the planet in 2285. It's 500 years later, and now the ship is on a collision course with a star, threatening the destruction of The Ark and all the life contained in its various biospheres.

    Guest stars included Walter Koenig (Star Trek), John Colicos ("Battlestar Galactica") and Barry Morse ("Space: 1999")

    P.S. - The show had a very limited budget (think old Doctor Who for set designs) and was plagued with various problems and mishandling, eventually causing Harlan Ellison who created the story concept to walk off and have his name replaced with a psuedonym ("Cordwainer Bird") in the credits.

    But it still had some interesting moments...