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Southern California Meet-Up Thread (Talk on CHANGELING)

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  • Southern California Meet-Up Thread (Talk on CHANGELING)

    Hi, everybody,

    Well, my book, NOTHING IS STRANGE WITH YOU: THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF GORDON STEWART NORTHCOTT, is now available. Within the next week or so, it should start appearing on Amazon and other online vending sites.

    On Sunday, 26 October, I'll be giving two talks on my book and the true story behind CHANGELING in the Riverside, California area.

    One is at 1:30 p.m. at the main branch of the Riverside Public Library, and will be given to the public and the Riverside Historical Society; the other will be given at approximately 4:30 p.m. to the Friends of the Library in the neighboring town of Jurupa.

    If any of you live in southern California, I'd like to invite you to either of those talks.

    I was also wondering if we might be able to have a JMSNews get-together in LA or Riverside during that weekend.

    Look forward to meeting you all!

    By the way, a week ago Friday, they filmed a short documentary on my book and research that will be included on the "Special Features" section of the CHANGELING DVD.

    Geoffrey Pierson, who plays the role of S. S. Hahn, the attorney, in CHANGELING was the host/narrator.

    Please, please--no applause--

    I don't do autographs--and if you MUST take my picture, my full-on profile is my best one--

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    Hi Mr. Paul, I was just wondering if you knew the exact address of the ranch?
    Actually I have many questions, but I will start with this one. I live in Mira Loma (Riverdale Farms area) the very town this took place, and I must admit I am a little obsessed and kind of creeped out by the whole thing. Thank you


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      Dear Mr. Serenity,

      Loved the TV series based on your life story!

      I'll be visiting the site of the ranch on the weekend of 25-26 October--I'll keep you posted. And you're welcome to attend my talk in Riverside, or my talk in Jurupa, both on the 26th of this month.