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    While the 8th season of Red Dwarf might not be anything to wright home about or even watch. How about we just ignore it so the bad memories don't come back. Anyways looks like new Red Dwarf is on the way I'm taking a strong wait and see on this. Both on the when I see I will believe it exist, and then I will judge it on quality. But hopeful sign for the future.

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    I always thought the idea of doing a Red Dwarf feature was the kiss of death for the franchise- they apparently had endless problems with the financing end of things. Personally, I felt they should have done a series of TV movies and used the resultant DVD sales to finance the film. It would also have kept interest in the frachise percolating instead of having to resurrect it. Believe me, I hope it happens; having spent three months of my life covering an entire season of RD for my second book many years ago, I got to know the cast and crew really well and I wish them nothing but the best. But I've always felt the series worked best when it stuck to its low-budget roots rather than trying to imitate more expensive genre fare where they had trouble competing. Guess we'll see what happens.