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George Carlin- RIP

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  • George Carlin- RIP

    The greatest social satirist of the last 50 years has passed away at age 71.

    He no longer needs a place for his stuff...
    Got movies?

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    It's Walt's revenge for George wishing an undignified death on Mickey Mouse.
    I'm hoping there is an afterlife and I can get the radio channel setting.
    I'd love to tune in to George Carlin doing a double act with Humphrey Lyttelton (who sadly also stopped being alive recently).
    What a dull world it's fast becoming with all these great people doing the mortality thing on us.
    It's bad enough knowing death awaits us all but someone should push the fun, the genius and the just plain interesting to the back of the queue so boring old berks like me can at least go with a smile on my face.
    I have the wings for Bingo.


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      talent will be missed


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        The world feels a little more empty now. Reason and logic and humour just lost a major champion...
        Jonas Kyratzes | Lands of Dream