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Zong of the Week new song and poll!

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  • Zong of the Week new song and poll!

    Dear all,

    Some of you may know (or have seen it in my sig file) about Zong of the Week, a musical project I'm involved with (albeit under my other name). This week's Zong was written as a reaction to the much-loathed "Enterprise" theme, and is called "My Big Fat Starship." Maybe UPN would do better in the ratings with this cheerful anthem starting the hour off... :-)

    Anyway, there is also a new feature at Zong of the Week: a poll. This week's question is "After listening to "My Big Fat Starship", do you agree with our opinion that Star Trek has lost its sense of fun and adventure?"

    If you want to take the poll, go directly to:

    If you're interested in hearing the song, it's at:

    Thanks for listening!

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