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    Spoiler-ish? It might be a big spoiler if the story is actually about as nonsensical as I've written it up.

    Alright...So, I haven't watched this in years. I remember aliens like who were working with some evil group of dudes and smoking and breeding alien-human hybrids and they're going to enslave the earth? Then rebel aliens to fight the bad aliens? Then mulder died like 3-4 times or something like a comic book? Then T-1000 is an FBI agent? Then Mulder in clips episode for 2 hours at the end? I don't get it. Someone clarify this for me.
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    It's The X-Files ... that's as clear as you get.

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      Originally posted by Garibaldi's Hair View Post
      It's The X-Files ... that's as clear as you get.

      All will be explained on 12 Dec 2012.
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        20 years ago today ! ! !

        Really had to search for a related thread. 09.10.13 marks the twentieth anniversary of the premier of The X-FILES. Wow! So close to B5. Never really watched The X-Files until the later seasons, just before the first movie. I have seen many episodes, but never the whole series. Weird note: Ten Thirteen Productions.
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