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    Does anyone on this board have access to the BBC website? I'd like to get any info on series 3. If you live outside the UK, they won't let you in. I cried at the end of the finale and want to know what they are planning next. The info I've found is very limited, so if anyone knows anything, I'll gladly read it.

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    The Torchwood site does not even have a trailer for Season 3 up yet.
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      Spoilerish, probably.

      The rumors are flying though officially Series three is on amber light status.

      Owen may not be totally gone and may return in some form but the places left by him and Tosh will be (apparently) replaced by Martha Jones and Mickey Smith...that's right folks...But I did say it's rumors so don't drag me up before the beak.
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        Amber light? Does that mean they haven't approved the next series yet? No rumors about who will join the team? The little I've seen says that Martha Jones will be joining, Capt. Jack will only be in a limited amount of shows, and they've only ordered 5 episodes for the next series. Is there any truth to these rumors? It seems that there's no solid info anywhere.

        I just read the hidden part of your post. Didn't realize there was a spoiler portion. How can they bring back the one who was in the other dimension?
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          Whisper Whisper.

          Spoilers do, not look hither if ye don't want to find out stuff.

          Rose and Co are in the final few episodes of Doctor Who's current run, in fact she turns up under mysterious circumstances for a brief appearance in the first episode but please keep it under your hat.
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            Wow. I wish I hadn't read that. Now I won't be surprised. Oh well. Looking forward to how they explain this. Maybe Jan should put a spoiler warning on this thread. I don't know how to hide spoilers, much less know how to change thread names.


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              Why should one keep under the hat what happened in Ep1 when that was broadcasted two weeks ago?
              Oh, probably because not everyone might have seen it yet... DUH!
              Btw. I liked that scene a lot.
              As much as I am looking forward to the rest of the season, I really don't like the prospect of what's gonna happen at the end of it, if you know what I'm referring to...

              Oh, and from what I read so far I was under the impression that Martha would stay with UNIT.
              Other than reappearing in next weeks episode of course.
              Oh well...
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                The rumor that Jack was only going to be in a few eps and stuff was a very big rumor. That's all it was.

                My roommate posts on other forums where someone who was at a John Barrowman concert where they had to stop the concert due to some possible emergency that he took that time to talk to the audience and when asked about Torchwood, he told them that S3 was happening, that he would be a part of it and would be in S4 as well and that he was looking forward to getting back to it.

                All the rumors from what he seemed to have been saying were just that, rumors.

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                  That seems to be the best info I've seen yet. Thanks CE.


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                    From the couple of Who news sites I follow, the only thing I have seen is that Who's Christmas special is now filming but no word at all on Torchwood.

                    You can follow Torchwood info @ but Spoilers do turn up.

                    Including this info about a Radio audio adventure:

                    The latest issue of Torchwood Magazine is out across the UK today (a full preview of it will follow either tonight, or tomorrow morning) and it breaks the news that the forthcoming Radio 4 Torchwood audio adventure will be set post-season two! So, alas, they'll be no Owen or Toshiko - but the special 45 minute story will feature Freema Agyeman, again reprising her role as Martha Jones! Apparently Martha hears about the death of Owen & Tosh, and decides the team should get away from Cardiff for a little while - and investigate strange goings on at the CERN laboratory. Bring it on!


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                      A radio audio spoiler is fine for me. Who knows when or if we'll get it here in the US. Thanks for the blog info.


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                        the radio show will be available to listen on the stations website for a week after it airs on the radio.