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Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

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  • Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

    Sad news friends,

    I've just learned that Gary Gygax has passed beyond the veil.
    Here is the link to the news.

    From my own perspective, I grew up with D&D, moving on to AD&D and all other sorts of RPG's and of course took on PC games like a fish to water.
    Gary & Dave have brought joy to millions with Dungeons & Dragons & with the inception of D&D, it has spawned a booming games industry which continues to grow to this day both from the tradional pens & paper mode to online computer gaming.

    Fair winds & safe passage Gary on your way to the place where no shadows fall.

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    "everything dies"

    no doubt if an afterlife exists hes battling evil wizards, saving damsels in little dress(or do i mean distress?, no its dnd afterall very little dress), and asking questions of ancient dragons who answer in mysterious riddles


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      Very sad. I never sacrificed a part of my youth as happily as with playing D&D games.

      On another forum I read a few comments he would have loved.
      "He must have failed a saving throw."
      "I bet he has dropped some major loot."

      On which plane you will chose to settle down, have a lot of fun.

      What's up Drakh?


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        That is sad news.

        Maybe he goes in for reincarnation and is busy rolling up his next character as we speak.


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          Or maybe someone wins his/her spot check and finds the hints he left on where to find his resurrection rod.
          What's up Drakh?


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            Where is that scroll of resurection when you need it?