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    Originally posted by luvB5 View Post
    In season six a lady named Marty Noxon took over the show runner title (guess Joss had his hands full with Angel). Most Buffy fanatics I know say that's when the show's quality of writing took a nosedive.
    I tend to agree with this statement. Season 6 had some good episodes but the overall arc/storyline for that season was, for me at least, a bit too soap-opera-ish. Too much focus on love/romance/relationships and not enough about smiting the eb0l
    The "evil" nerds, the trio, were just amusingly silly and I can understand where the season was going but if I want to watch drama/soaps, I'll watch a soapie & not a horror fantasy show that is pretending to be a soapie.
    Season 7 got back to the juicy stuff again with Buffy battling the fiirst & the uber vamps. Now that was a far better season and a great way to end the show as well.
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