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RIP - BARRY MORSE (Space 1999, The Fugitive)

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  • RIP - BARRY MORSE (Space 1999, The Fugitive)

    Actor Barry Morse (of "Space 1999" and "The Fugitive") has apparently passed away over the weekend.

    Many sci-fi fans know Barry from his portrayal as scientist Dr. Victor Bergman in the Gary & Sylvia Anderson TV production "SPACE:1999".

    I have not found specific details as yet, however it is noted on his official website that he passed away on Feb 2, 2008.

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    There's a nice obituary up at the Space:1999 catacombs site, which as you'd expect has some behind-the-scenes info as well (just in case you didn't hate Fred Freiberger enough already).

    Farewell, Barry. It's hardly unexpected when he was nearly 90, although a friend who saw him at Fanderson a couple of years ago said he was still sprightly - looking better than Nick Tate did on Lost, in fact.

    For me he'll always be President Johnny Cyclops, the savagely funny Reagan parody in Whoops Apocalypse! (the series, not the crappy movie). Get down, Bonzo ....


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      Here's some more info...

      'Fugitive' detective Morse dies at age 89
      The Canadian Press

      TORONTO -- British-Canadian actor-director Barry Morse, best known as the police detective in hot pursuit of David Janssen's Dr. Richard Kimble in the TV series "The Fugitive,'' has died in England at the age of 89.

      Morse died at University College hospital in London on Saturday, his son, actor Hayward Morse, told The Canadian Press in an interview from Great Britain Monday. He said his father was taken there last Wednesday after he began experiencing blackouts and was falling down.

      "He was in hospital for three days before he died. So in the long term, he was in his own home up until three days before he died, which I think is pretty good,'' said Hayward Morse.