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It's a God awful small affair...

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  • It's a God awful small affair...

    Mmm... not a big spider shaped spacecraft but it looks strangely fascinating:

    I have the wings for Bingo.

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    Originally posted by Shr'eshhhhhh View Post
    Mmm... not a big spider shaped spacecraft but it looks strangely fascinating:
    It startled easily, but it will soon be back... and in greater numbers.
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      The Planetary Society is the largest and most effective nonprofit organization that promotes the exploration of space through education, advocacy, and innovative projects.

      Originally posted by Emily Lakdawalla at The Planetary Society Weblog
      It's easy to forget that color images from space are almost never taken all at once, in one snapshot. Nearly all cameras sent to space have monochrome detectors. To obtain color images, they have to take a photo of the same spot at least three times, each time with a different-color filter placed in front of the lens. [....] Do you see what I'm getting at here? That weird little twisty piece of dark rock that looks like a humanoid figure stood perfectly still while the three images were taken, between 11:58:53 and 12:00:13 local time at Spirit's landing site. [....] Before Spirit spends the time taking the numerous images required for a Pancam panorama (this particular panorama took 154 images, four each from 36 different pointings), the rover usually takes a quick-and-dirty version of the same panorama through its lower-resolution Navigation Cameras. The Navcam version of the panorama was captured fully three days earlier than the Pancam version and you can see that Bigfoot is in exactly the same position on sol 1,364 as it was on sol 1,367.
      Go to the link to see those NavCam images.

      A very nice example of pareidolia, indeed.

      But wait until they reveal another picture that has not been analyzed in detail!!!
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        that last link is absolutely pricless!




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          OMG the Martians are nudists!
          I have the wings for Bingo.