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Jackson to exec produce 'The Hobbit'

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    Originally posted by colonyearth View Post
    My fullest convictions on this are that they will be dividing The Hobbit into two films and flushing out the the story visually somewhat. At the end of the 2nd film they may add some minor narration that sets up LoTR, but that will be about it.

    not that you need it, but I have been thinking the same thing about the formation of the two movies. So I think it's an outstanding idea.
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      WOW! Is this right?! Can this really be the most recent thread that mentioned Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies?!

      Anyway I just saw The Battle of The Five Armies. I thought it was great. I got so depressed during the end credits because I realized there will never be another movie related to these books. Yes I thought this trilogy wasn't as good as the original, but it is still pretty damn good.
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        After LotR, I remember hearing a rumor that they were going to do The Hobbit as well as a sequel trilogy to LotR that was not based on any of the canon, unless it was some of the "history" books. I am not sure if Tolkien's son was going to be involved.

        I have plans to see the movie in the theater sometime soon.

        "They're splitting The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies into five movies: one for each army." - Mike Nelson, paraphrased
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          Watched one and two for the second time in a month and going to see the third again tomorrow.
          Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."