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Any console or PC gamers on here?

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  • Any console or PC gamers on here?

    If so what you playing right now? I'm splitting time between Super Paper Mario and Zelda. Thinking of getting an Xbox360 Elite to get some Halo3 fun going...

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    I have Mario Galaxy, Metroid 3, and Guitar Hero 3 all perching around the Wii at the moment.
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      I dl'd Super Mario Bros 3 today from the VC, think I'm going to get Super Mario World and Mario Kart 64 too from there.


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        I have a PC, an Xbox, and an Xbox 360. And a PS2 collecting dust.

        I'm still somewhat new to the 360. I'm spending time between Halo 3, The Orange Box, Castlevania: Symphony of The Night, Asteroids, and trying to get around in Gears of War. Then I have a few other games that I bought and want to play, I just have to get around to them (Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Lost Planet, Mass Effect).

        On the original Xbox, I have a ton of games. The main game I'm working on is San Andreas, followed by taking a pure stealth approach in the Splinter Cell game (and damn hard too, but it makes beating levels that much more enjoyable), and a bunch of others.

        For PC, it's mostly emulators (NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, and Gameboy Advance), Zdoom, the Marathon trilogy, Deus Ex (the best game I've ever played), and still trying to get through Starcraft.
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          I began playing Final Fantasy 7 again (after many years) on my PSone some weeks back.

          I've so many games for my older systems that I haven't completed or want to play again, that buying a expensive new console seems a waste of money.

          By the time I've worked my way through all the PSone, Dreamcast and Gamecube games I have, I may have saved enough to buy the then obsolete PS2 (or even 3), Xbox and Wii and all the games the rich youngsters are playing now will be as cheap to obtain as my still lovely older ones are.

          Only a sudden personality transplant would drive me to fork out for the overpriced and over-rated PS3 (though the Wii and a second hand PS2 are very tempting I still fight the urge to splurge).

          I've played some Xbox 360 games around a friends house and they were great but still I find it hard to find the time to play the games I have and an executive decision must made.

          Besides the significant other often works from home and would find me waving Wii wands around too distracting to bear.

          Though as a Resident Evil fan the thought of not having the Brolly Chronicles is nibbling at the evil consumer within.
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            I have a PS2, PS3, and a 360, with a variety of games for each.

            If anyone else has Orange Box, let me know if you want together to pwn n00bs on Team Fortress 2.
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              Assassin's Creed
              Can't wait till the PC version is out.

              Atm I'm playing Neverwinter Nights. I recently purchased the Diamond Edition, and after some hassle with the identical CD key issue(given it's lack of QA it's no surprise that Atari sales numbers have halved troughout the last year) I enjoy playing a -more or less- fully patched game now for a bargain bin price. I guess I wont care about NWN2 for another two years or so.

              Also I'm playing Galactic Civilizations II. The Babylon 5 mod for it still requires some major work, but the videos, flavor texts and in-game ships give me warm n fuzzy feeling already.
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                There's a B5 mod for it? I've had GalCiv2 just hogging drive space on my laptop for a while now. Time to dust it off.
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                  You didn't know?!
                  Go here for info.
                  Galactic Civilizations II - You are the leader of the human civilization in deep space and compete against unknown races to colonize planets while attempting to dominate and survive.

                  The vids are a seperate download. You should find the info along the way while reading the thread.
                  What's up Drakh?


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                    I got myself a Black DS Lite and a R4 recently, fantastic fun! Also got Super Mario Galaxy, excellent game, one of the best on the Wii and the best Mario since Super Mario World on the SNES in my opinion.


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                      Originally posted by Carl Sagan View Post
                      If so what you playing right now? I'm splitting time between Super Paper Mario and Zelda. Thinking of getting an Xbox360 Elite to get some Halo3 fun going...
                      I'm on xbox live. Oski Da Bear is my gamer tag. Just let me know when you'll be on in pms or something and I'll play
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