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Cinematic Titanic: Original MST3k Crew is Back!

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  • Cinematic Titanic: Original MST3k Crew is Back!

    I figure that with a bunch of "mature" science fiction nuts here, some of you must be MST3k (Mystery Science Theater 3000) fans as well. Anyway, the original cast/writers including Joel, Trace, Josh, and Frank (who wasn't quite there from the start) are starting a new movie riffing show called Cinematic Titanic. It sounds like they will be going the direct to DVD or electronic delivery rather than airing on cable. Anyway, if you are interested head to for more info.

    The first (unnamed) movie is set to be released next week!

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    Hey, don't forget Mary Jo Pehl is on the Cinematic Titanic team too!

    (I'm sticking up for MJP as I hung out with her and her finacee (now husband) last summer at BlobFest for a while. What an incredibly sweet woman.)

    I've been enjoying the RiffTrax Mike Nelson has been doing, usually joined by MST3K alumni Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. (Who will be releasing a RiffTrack for the Star Wars Holiday Special next week!!!)
    Got movies?