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The Sarah Jane Adventures (Spoilers)

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  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (Spoilers)

    The Doctor Who spin off "The Sarah Jane Adventures" has started on the BBC in Britain. (5 p.m. Mondays on BBC1.) There has been a pilot and a two parter.

    The series is definitely aimed at young children. The supporting cast are teenagers and even they know they have to dumb down. It is the goodies versus the alien monsters. I do not think the producers are trying to teach anything and the dilemmas are trivial.

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    Andrew Swallow

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    i'm just going to ignore it, not that i don't love sarah jane, but, no just no, same to the k-9 cartoon


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      Well the first story is basically another rehash of "School Reunion" crossed with "The Aliens Of London/WWIII" and next week instead of monks protecting a werewolf we have nuns protecting a Gorgon.

      Not exactly original stuff is it?

      The pilot was fun and silly (certainly more enjoyable than Torchwood) but this seems rush.

      Like watching Doctor Who with every other five minutes cut out.
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        Total guff.

        Sarah Jane looks bettter now than she did before!!!!
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          Oh don't get me wrong I will always love Liz Sladen and I love to know what 'products' she uses as (for me at least) she hasn't seemed to have aged at all in 33 years (well maybe a little) and the show is much more satisfying than Torchwood.

          The irony is that Big Finish did a range of audios which were based around her, which were aimed at adults and they were better than Torchwood and more 'adult' too.

          Sarah Jane is a great character and Liz is a great actress and like the parent show they deserve the best writers and the best format on the block.

          The Gorgon story was the best yet and I can see it either making nuns look terrify or really cool (I certainly can see little kids pretending to be the nuns in the playground).
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            This show continues (for what it is) to get better and better.

            The latest story plays like a mixture of "The Mind Robber" and "Hellraiser" for children.

            There was even a Joyce Summers moment (Buffy fans will know what I'm talking about).

            I hope some of this magic rubs off on the elder sister show of "Torchwood".

            I'm actually enjoying this more than most episodes of "Doctor Who" despite the target audience.
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