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  • Finnegan's SquadÖ @ Toronto Trek 18

    THU. MAY 13/2004/08:56 E.S.T.

    I have just received confirmation that Creator/Executive Producer GARY DAVIDSON & I shall be appearing this year @ TORONTO TREK 18 (FRI. JULY 2 => SUN. JULY 4/2004), where we shall be promoting our new SF series, FINNEGANÆS SQUADÖ & QUICKSILVERÖ.

    We hope to have some material exclusive to that convention with us @ that time, including, but not limited to, a viewing of a prequel episode of FINNEGANÆS SQUADÖ, as well as merchandise connected therewith, along with the opportunity to obtain autographs & photographs.

    Due to my 4 seasons of involvement with LA FEMME NIKITAÖ, I have also been asked to participate in a panel titled NEAR FUTURE SF, which promises to be provocative, informative & entertaining.

    My own personal interest in Comics Literature has also led to my being approached to participate in a panel about THE PUNISHERÖ (possibly as Moderator), & I shall also be participant in 2 other panels, titled SMALL SCREEN SUPERHEROES & COMICS: NOT JUST FOR KIDS ANYMORE?, respectively, so you may count on active discussion of the Comics work of MR. JOSEPH MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI.

    I hope that if any listmembers are in Toronto @ that time, you will be sure to introduce yourself.

    Further detailed intel about TORONTO TREK 18 may be found here:

    ôàBe seeing you!ö
    TITAN RAINBOW Media Productions ON-LINE. Home of FINNEGAN'S SQUAD and SPACE ODDITY the TV Series, Bear in Space Comics, the only real Metric Time system and Tubettes comics

    MALCOLM XERXES' Official Website features forum wherein MX corresponds with Genre fandom, as well an exclusive gallery, set journal, links, et cetera

    ôàBe seeing you!ö
    Stuntman/Actor FINNEGANÆS SQUADÖ

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    Hmmm. Sometimes I wish I had my own fan club.


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      Originally posted by CRONAN
      Hmmm. Sometimes I wish I had my own fan club.
      Apparently, anybody can have a fan club ... So why not start one?
      "Jan Schroeder is insane" - J. Michael Straczynski, March 2008

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