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  • What do you ALWAYS re-read

    i have certain books that over the years are constand re-reads. books that for some reason or another(not always easy to state) are special to me. an d i'm curious what your books like this are

    The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Robert Heinlein
    Dragonflight, Dragon Quest, The White Dragon - Anne McCaffrey
    are the books i re-read the most often usually at least once a year

    some of Elizabeth Moon's books are re-read fairly often: the Familia's Regent books
    and some parts of The Wheel of Time series (not actully full boos but 3 chapters here 2 chapters there)

    how about you guys?

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    Regular re-reads, generally once a year:

    Time Enough for Love - Robert A. Heinlein
    the Harper Hall Trilogy - Anne McCaffrey
    at least a few of the Vorkosigan novels - Lois McMaster Bujold
    Valentina: Soul in Sapphire - Joseph H. Delaney and Marc Stiegler
    Emergence - David R. Palmer

    These are the ones that I've worn out multiple copies of.

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      Dune - Frank Herbert first "epic" scifi i ever read'

      the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett, the ultimate pickmeup, always guarrenteed to have me laughing my head off within ten pages.
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        Is it just limited to book books and not including comic books?


        The Lord of The Rings- it's gotten to the point of cliched, but to me it's damn good no matter how many times I read it.
        The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
        The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian
        The Bloody Crown of Conan
        The Conquering Sword of Conan

        Regarding comic books:

        The Invisibles
        The Sandman
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          me too : Lord of the Rings - read many times and listened to the audio book version several times as well

          Raymond Feist's Riftwar Saga and Empire Saga a few times

          Dragonriders of Pern series (not yet often, but find them quite compelling) - got the audio book (mp3) versions of several of them
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            Re-reading books can be fun when your exhausted of good books to read and don't know where to turn. The longer it's been since you've read it, the better. Reading a good book you haven't read for many years can remind you why the author or book was so special to begin with, though there's always the danger that you can become conditioned to certain writing styles and grow less likely to read books by different authors.

            A few of the books I've enjoyed re-reading are

            This Alien Shore - C.S. Friedman

            Old Man's War - John Scalzi

            Stark's Command - John Hemry


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              Lost Boys - Orson Scott Card (not the vampire movie!)
              Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

              The Incarnations of Immortality Series - Piers Anthony

              The Last Herald Mage Trilogy -Mercedes Lackey
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                I've read Carl Sagan's Contact many, many times but not recently. I've also started re-reading Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Retrieval Artist novels again. Of course, the B5 canon books have been re-read several times also.

                There are other books I've read numerous times, but most aren't sci-fi / fantasy related so I didn't put them here.
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                  Just remembered one that it's been far too long since I read: The Camber of Culdi/Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz. Very rich universe.

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                    For me it's David (and his wife Leigh) Eddings' the Mallorean series, Lord of the Rings trilogy and the three B5 trilogies.
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                      One advantage of having an iffy memory is that I love rereading books! Some regular rereads on my list in no particular order are:

                      The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
                      The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
                      The Adventures of Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh
                      The Doomfarers/Starfollowers or Coramonde
                      Myth Adventures and the Phule series
                      Guns of the South
                      The Alvin series
                      The Shanara series
                      The Landover series
                      The Killer Angels
                      Beau Geste
                      Dirk Pitt adventures
                      Asimov's Robots novels
                      and more I can't remember at the moment!

                      It's often a handful of years between readings for any of these, but they keep coming back.
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                        See alot of my favorites listed already so I'll just throw one I've probably read the most that I didn't see listed:

                        The Amber Series - Roger Zelazny