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  • New Sharp Pointy Object

    i have recently bought myself a new sharp pointy toy
    and i am very proud of her
    a lovely peice, a new departure for angel sword in that its has quite a bit more detailed especially in the blade then is the norm for alot of the birght knight series

    anyway i am excited by this beauty and felt like sharing (not sure how many people here appreciate swords)

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    looks good , have a *practise* one here (soft springy tip) for the Taiji Quan lessons
    Jan from Denmark

    My blog :

    "Our thoughts form the Universe - they *always* matter"


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      and my newest love, a sword of "techno-wootz" and an amazing cutter


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        Very nice blades indeed.

        I recently bought myself a copy of the sword "Sting" from Lord of the Rings.

        I was expecting a cheap knock off blade, die cast metal but was pleasantly surprised to find it to be quite a decent weapon when it arrived. It'd hold up in a fight [I've spared with it with a friend].