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Other movies/stories to suggest- Dangermouse!!!

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  • Other movies/stories to suggest- Dangermouse!!!

    When I checked amazon for my TLT order they sent me a suggestion saying that all seasons of Dangermouse were available now in one package!!!!
    (just realized of course, that they had the seasons individually but I never knew it.)
    One of the funniest British animated series to come out in the 80's and I'm broke! The six original seasons were from '81-'87, I've heard to never mind about the later seasons in the 90's but they're still fun.

    If you never saw it or never heard of it, that's okay. It's a spy spoof cartoon that is campy and very British in some of the jokes. Okay, all of the jokes. If you understand and laugh at Wallace and Grommet, Chicken Run, and of course, Monty Python, you'll get this and love it too!

    "The wacky and hilarious adventures of Danger Mouse, the greatest secret agent (mouse) in the world and his trusty, bumbling sidekick, Penfold. [I think he's a hamster or mole] Together, they follow Colonel K's orders and do battle to save the world from monsters, master thieves, their narrator, and crazed fiends of all types (but mostly their arch nemesis, the Baron Silas Greenback [a nefarious toad] and his henchman Stiletto)."

    ::sigh:: Oh well, maybe they'll have a few episodes on iTunes.
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    ah but does it include BANANAMAN too?


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      I've only seen a couple of episodes, but I'll never forget "Penfode" and the very entertaining accents (at least from an American perspective) that abound. I might have to add some Dangermouse disks to my Netflix queue.


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        Lunan I understand that over the pond Dangermouse and Bananaman were shown as a single programme.

        They were originally separate series in fact (up until recently) BBC showed Bananaman and ITV showed Dangermouse.

        If you liked Bananaman you might enjoy (if you haven't already caught them) The Goodies, which was a surreal live action comedy series from the seventies which had the same cast.

        I also like to listen to Sorry I Haven't A Clue on BBC radio which usually has Tim Brooke Taylor and Graham Garden on it and is side splittingly funny.
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          I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue is simply the finest comedy radio quiz show. Ever. Since the advent of CD, I have got rid of every single audio cassette I ever owned with two exceptions ... one of which is my meagre collection of ISIHAC episodes, which must surely die soon because I have listened to them over and over and over. Kept me sane when I was in hospital for a fortnight a few years back.

          Dangermouse is pretty darn funny too. Baron Greenback is one of the great comic villains ...

          eta: mistakenly typed DVD instead of CD above - corrected
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            One of my favorite cartoons ever. When Nickelodeon showed the last Danger Mouse episode, I cried. The only other time I've cried was at the end of The Dirty Dozen.

            Guess I'm going to get a couple excellent festivus gifts: Danger Mouse and Blade Runner
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              Haven't seen that in years, and I never saw that many to bein with, but I still use a line from one of the episodes. There was some little creature that would run up pants legs, and another caharcter said:

              "Ach, they do that." in a deadpan. Loved it.
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