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Spock actor named (minor spoilers for ST XI)

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  • Spock actor named (minor spoilers for ST XI)

    It was confirmed by JJ Abrams at comiccon today that the actor who plays Sylar (whose name escapes me at the moment) will be playing a younger spock.

    My surprise is that Nimoy will be playing an older Spock..which leads me to believe that the story is going to be a ITB type of narrative with an older character telling the story of the past. More lifting from B5 from Trek? Just speculation of course.


    [Edited to remove spoiler from subject heading. --Jan]
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    His name is....

    Zachary Quinto
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      "Errand of Mercy" was on TV Land this morning.

      The remastered version of "This Side of Paradise" is in syndication tonight.
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        I'm waiting on Day of the Dove.
        Only a fool fights in a burning house.