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  • Second Favorite TV Show

    Feel free to state your fave TV show here.

    24 is my second fave after B5. No filler episodes. No ''light'' episodes to break up the suspense. The great thing about 24 is they got it right from day one.

    Not that im comparing it to B5.

    Though, like B5, its all interwoven. The plot twists really keep you guessing. Combat is handled well in each (though the space combat in B5 has an edge over the ppg battles, whereas 24's gun battles put B5's to shame. Of course B5's epic space battles are beyond compare. Rocks paper scissors). Unlike B5, 24 doesnt have an overall arc spanning multiple seasons. Of course its a completely different show so if it did it wouldnt fit. With Jms the whole things planned out before hand. With 24 the writers have a foresite spanning 4 or so episodes. Also, in 24 all the characters are expendible. Even Jack (or so they would have us believe). In B5 everyones expendible except two or three main characters (he actually said this. No I'm not gonna dig up the [email protected]#$ing quote. Yes maybe one or two dies at the end, but that doesnt count, anyway i dont know yet) As far as the intent of the shows' writers, with B5 its to show how individuals can make a difference, with 24 its to basically to shock, scare, draw you in and keep you on your toes; One is an epic and the other is a rollercoaster. B5 gets you intellectually and emotionally, while 24 essentially toys with you.

    As such, I'm going to recall alot more of B5 than 24 five years from now. Which is why B5 is number one. Chalk it up to the underlying values.

    Okay ill cease ranting.

    True it does have a few mediocre eps. But only a few. Is some of it too far fetched? Suspense is 24's middle name, if they didn't push the limits I'd worry.

    Is 24 getting unoriginal? The real time concept was original when the show started. But how long can it survive if it doesnt break from ''the longest day in my life'' routine? Still, I can't say the formula bothers me in any way, though it would be interesting to see the show try something different.

    Anyway this seemed like a good time to bring it up.
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    It became my B5 replacement, but I learned to appreciate it for its uniqueness.

    And more recently an anime series that had a run on Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" became my second favorite, it was also an arc based story, with SF-fantasy basis, witches powers are based on genetics, a secret organizations hunts them when they are a risk for normals. A new recruit, a craft user herself, arrives to the group. The first episodes are setup, they seem stand-alone, but they give a few clues to what will be next, from around the eighth forward it picks up the pace, leading to a mid-story climax that changes the playing field greatly and launches the story to it's true destination. If B5 was a novel for TV in several episodes this was a short-story or novella (26 eps) for TV, and a very good one. It's called Witch Hunter Robin.

    Other than that I watch mostly sitcoms. My current favorite of those is Arrested Development a very quirky comedy, critically acclaimed, even Golden Globe nominated, but struggling for season-2-worthy-ratings, Sundays on Fox. It's very smart comedy.
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      If B5 was my grand symphony orchestral opera, Farscape is my balls to the wall rock concert opera. It doesn't have the space epic arc quality, but damn, do the characters shine like nothing I've ever seen.

      Firefly would have come in really close to challenging Farscape if it had stayed on.
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