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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows countdown

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    indee, i'm avoiding posting spoilers myself for at least the next week, otherwise its rude to those who don't want em and may come across em. i have even had to bite my tougne a number of times


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      Then why not start a spoilerish thread where you wouldn't have to hold back?
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        Closing in on halfway through... my reading time is very limited. Although, I seem to be squeezing in more time than I thought or would (or should, for that matter )
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          Just finished it today. Whew. I think it may be my favorite of the series.

          Anyway, must resist saying more.
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            i'm happy to comment a bit now. i'm afraid i found the book a bit lacking. and there are some serious holes that annoy me. mainly polyjuice potion, she set a strick 1 hour time limit and in this book she basically ignores it

            the book felt hurried, rushed. she didn't put the same kind of effort into this as she did in 1-5 (i wasn't to happy with 6 either)
            snape turning out to be really working for dumbledore was BEYOND OBVIOUS even in book 6, i wish she had done a little better job with that (ok its a fiarly common plot element but still could have been handled much better)

            and then the "deathly hallows" themselves. Dues Ex Machina much? she could still have told this story(and likely done a better job) without them.

            i'm not so thrilled with the new info dumped in this book, ok a certain amount of new info in any book for a series is always needed but if this was REALLY planned and plotted so far ahead as has been claimed then some of the info could have been slipped into the previous books, a small mention of dumbeldore's mothers name, a mention of the elder wand or the ressurection stone in some passing referance(paticularly the wand, could easily have been slipped into a "history of magic" lesson)

            it really just feels like all she was doing was tying the series up so she coul dbe left alone for awhile(and i don't blame her)

            the whole between life and death sceene also bugs me, it just didn't feel smooth.

            overall while i did enjoy the book, it just wasn't up to expectations at all


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              We might want to split this off... I myself devoured it in eight hours (and feel that qualifies me to never judge a book ever again), but I know some people still reading through it. And I'd rather we not be the crappy spoiler people to anyone here.

              I hereby invoke the mighty powers of Jan! Er, if you would, aren't too busy, y'know.
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