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  • A New Earth?

    This has been all over the news, which is so cool. Here's the article:

    It's got the same climate as Earth, plus water and gravity. A newly discovered planet is the most stunning evidence that life - just like us -might be out there. On news of the discovery bookies have slashed odds on the existence of alien beings
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    Nobody should be shocked at this news. Delighted, sure. But not shocked.
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      not shocked, a little suprised that the first potentially habitable planet extra solar was found around a red dwarf. since i read this thismorning i have been having the occasioanl fantasy about what the world would LOOK like, with a sun so diffrent from sol, how would the plant anologs develop, would it be an oxygen bases ecosytem?
      would the beings that live there be bipedal? quadrapeds? hexapeadal? etc
      does inteligent life exist, is there anyway to detect it, 20 plus light years a quick hop next door by galactic standards but we can't even get to the moon let alone mars now

      great news, now lets find some life and really set the idiots on thier heads


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        With five times the mass of the earth I wouldn't want to be (live) there... I feel heavy enough after eating some cheese here on earth *g*

        But it would be interresting if live is possible at that distance from the star. Because it was theorized that without a *strong* magnetic field the solar wind would mutate so much that there couldn't be higher evolved live. Where is the Jump Drive technology when you need it? 9-)

        a little suprised that the first potentially habitable planet extra solar was found around a red dwarf
        No surprise there... the less distance between star and planet and the smaller the star and/or the bigger the planet, the stronger the influence on the path of the star. And the differences where measured. It is all about the quality of the measurement, there is the reason we first found those "Hot Jupiters" in Mercurys orbit with the masses of Jupiter and above. Now we have better measurement methods (I could brag that it was a ESO ( telescope... wait, did I just brag? *g*), so we can find smaller planets.

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