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Highlander creator dies

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  • Highlander creator dies

    Bill Panzer, the man behind 5 Highlander movies and 7 years of Highlander tv, has passed away, anyone interested can read a tribute by adrian paul at his site.

    I personally am a fan of highlander, while it never reached the levels it could have, and some parts were not very well developed. I just liked the idea of these immortals wandering around the world, and who can beat the themesong for the show.

    edited to correct information on his position. as stated from below, he was not the creator of the original highlander, but did play a prominent role in the subsequent movies and tv series
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    i wonder what this will do for the release of the newest Highlander movie. The Source


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      according to the official site for the movie, the final version of the movie was to be delivered to lionsgate a couple of days ago, so it has already been turned in, lionsgate is supposed to release it around september, unfortunatly no word on whether it will be released in theaters, or just straight to dvd.

      a version of the film has been released through official channels in russia, some people in the US have ordered copies and already recieved them, there are even some reviews online, very negative reviews, but as soon as they came out, panzer productions was quick to say that the movie released in russia is not the final version, so who knows.

      to me the strength was never really in the movies, but in the tv show, though i did enjoy the first highlander movie, and parts of the 3rd, the 2nd and 4th left alot to be desired


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        Highlander creator dies
        Only to rise again moments later.
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          Just to nit pick with the thread title, Bill Panzer didn't create Highlander. Gregory Widen did that with his script for the first movie before Panzer became producer for it. Panzer was the driving force behind the movies and the series, but not the creator.


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            And now Kurt is gone as well...

            "And so it goes"...
            "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"