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My favorite Sci Fi book author rips into Star Wars (B5 mention_)

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  • moreorless
    Some supprizingly good predictions of the problems the rest of the prequals would face.

    The smaller cliche's never really bothered me as Starwars has always been more fantasy than sci fi but I'd agree that the series biggest problem was that it couldnt let go of the originals. Far too many characters and plot points existed only to reach the situation we saw at in Episode 4 when personally I thought the original trilogy told us everything we needed to know anyway without going into needless detail.

    Anakin and Obi Wan's characters should have been the focus thoughout IMHO not all the political mumbo jumbo which really could have been gotten across in a few lines anyway.

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  • Ranger1
    Nothing to do with B5, moving it to Off Topic.

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  • My favorite Sci Fi book author rips into Star Wars (B5 mention_)

    Thought it was cool it's obvious he watched B5.

    A science-fiction author scours the new "Star Wars" film for signs of intelligent life.

    I think there are a few more I'll check.
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