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  • Doctor Who : Radio download

    Radio channel BBC7 is running some new Doctor Who episodes. This can can downloaded from the BBC's website in the following week.

    The new years day episode is here, starting at midnight (00:00)

    For future episodes look on
    Andrew Swallow

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    Cheers Andrew.
    Soemtimes th BBC blocks these things to those outside the Uk but I'll check it out at home (work being rather fussy about multi-media stuff streaming over their network, odd that )
    on the "should have checked Mr Swallow's location before replying" ID
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      I think radio BBC7 downloads are unlocked but it will be nice to know.

      The episode is "Blood of the Daleks" part 1 of 2.

      The episode will be removed on Sunday.
      Andrew Swallow


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        I never had any problems with BBC 7 online here in the States.
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