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President Ford Has Died

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    Originally posted by Lunan
    as someone born in the 80's is there some reason i should care?
    It's a time honored tradition to note the passing of celebrities, and presidents pretty much all qualify. Should you care? Dunno. But most people would at least find it news of note.

    If nothing else, all US tax payers get to save a little bit on the Secret Service services no longer required and pay a little more for memorial services.
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      Originally posted by LessonInMachismo

      Read the above. Get the Best of Dana Carvey SNL DVD. One of the best SNL sketches ever. Ever. The concept is that Brokaw pre-taped months of news so that he could take long vacations. The producers would have him cover all sorts of possible future news stories.
      I'll do you one better. Why not go watch it.

      And I have had dreams about Kimberly's mouth.
      How can you not? The bigger the mouth, the more she can fit in it. Wink wink, hudda la hudda la.
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        Originally posted by Lunan
        actully i'm serious. he wasn't ellected he held office for only a few months right? he had watergate aftermath to deal with, and at 93 he hardly died befre his time, there was nothing special i know of about this pres
        According to the official White House biography of President Ford, he was President of the United States for about two and a half years (August 1974 - January 1977). He was the first Vice President selected by the 25th Amendment and the only President who never ran for President.

        On a different but almost similar note, Thomas Jefferson in 1800 and John Quincy Adams in 1824 were selected by The House of Representatives because the electoral votes were evenly divided.
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          tought-out titles need no edition

          Originally posted by OmahaStar
          I'm surprised you would even assume this was about the current President. There are five men to whom this would also apply - either of the Bushes, Clinton, Carter, and Ford. They are all equally Mr. President. Though some can't seem to grasp this concept. It makes me wonder whether they actually studied their American History.
          The rest of the world uses the titles ex-president or "former president" for people like Ford, Bush Sr., Carter and Clinton, to keep calling people out of office "president" might be a uniquely American tradition...
          Not to mention that the rest of the world has Presidents (and former presidents) that might have died too, but didn't.
          And obviously this board gets people from all over the world (for whom you don't even need to wonder if they studied their American history, they didn't need to).

          About Ford all I can say is the same I say for other deceased old people I don't know: may he rest in peace.
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            Originally posted by Capt.Montoya
            Not to mention that the rest of the world has Presidents (and former presidents) that might have died too, but didn't.
            Like the ex-president of Iraq.
            Andrew Swallow