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Empire: Orson Scott Card(spoilers)

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  • AaronB
    FWIW Glen & Helen Reynolds had a really good interview with OSC. You can subscribe to the podcast here (I wanted to find a link to just that interview but didn't have any luck. sorry)

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  • Lunan
    started a topic Empire: Orson Scott Card(spoilers)

    Empire: Orson Scott Card(spoilers)

    i have just finsihed OSC's newest book; Empire.

    not as engaging a read as say his memory books or Enderverse, but this si set (here come the spoilers)

    in the here and now, its about how a sencong american civil war could happen and it presents some scary thoughts. this is not a sci fi book by any means of the imagination, it could be called a thriller, there are 3 peices of technology in it that as far as i know do not currently exist but thats it, and they are very easily extrapolated from current sciense(plus 2 of them are known to be under devolpment by the us military, that would be a the battle armor and the highly directional emp generator). the charciters have good devolopment but don't really seem to come alive, they are well rounded not really 2 diemrntional but somethng seems missing from them, i can't tell you what but they don't jump up and kick me. anyway i don't want to give away too much unless someone else who has read it has any comments to make