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DS9 on Spike on 4/5/04!

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  • DS9 on Spike on 4/5/04!

    I am way behind. I saw a plug on Spike the other night for DS9, but I figured it was one of those months ahead things like they did with TNG in 2001. But sure as crap, it debuts on Spike on 4/5. That whole week will be a nine-hours-a-day of DS9 marathon, and due to the continuity on DS9, the episodes will be aired in order. And the show will take over the "uncut" slot on Fridays and go head to head with Sci-Fi Friday.

    If nobody has ever seen DS9, this is a good opportunity to jump on. It will air weekdays at 7PM/ER normally. Just don't get scared away by the first season. It ends on a great note in terms of good story and the show becomes great with the second season. Check it out.
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    Forget Spike. Just buy the seasons 2-7 DVDs. (Yes, I skipped season 1 on purpose.) To me, DS9 is the next best thing to Babylon 5:
    - great acting
    - great character development
    - great stand-alone episodes
    - and a great on-going story about Bajor & Cardassia & shapeshifters

    DS9 has more depth than any other Trek.