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    EPISODE 4.12

    IMDB Synopsis: When Eurekans start behaving oddly, Carter scours the town for a cause - never suspecting that Allison, miles from home, is the one facing real danger.

    (That synopsis isn't entirely accurate. There is a LOT of real danger in the "A" Plot.)

    Hmmmm Idk. I both like and dislike Felicia Day so it is a toss up.? On the whole not a terrible episode, but it had it's disappointments.

    DIDN'T LIKE.....
    I mean there really wasn't much I didn't care for in this episode. It was actually pretty decent. My two big complaints would be the Jo / Zane stuff. ? And the UTTER PREDICTABILITY of the Allison "B" Plot. ?

    So after many an episode I struggled to get through this one wasn't half bad. Maybe taking a month plus break was a good thing. ?​
    Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."


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      EPISODE 4.13

      IMDB Synopsis: Carter and Jo try out Zane's new high-powered risk assessment system, but find that even it may not be a match for the dangerous level of competition among Eureka's scientists.


      I actually really enjoyed this one, especially having Wil Wheaton back. I really liked the idea of risk assessment lenses they were testing. Some of it got quite ridiculous, but I liked the concept.

      DIDN'T LIKE.....
      The usual relationship garbage they force in every episode. BUT on the whole I enjoyed this episode more than most. And why does it ALWAYS have to end with a town or world threatening disaster?!?!?!?!?! It just seems like some terrible rule they were told they have to follow. It is quite uninspired, unimaginative, and it hurts the show sooooo much.

      So yeah I would give this episode a 7/10 on the enjoyment scale. That is actually pretty high praise given that most of what I have watched since early Season 3 I would say peaks with a 5/10 on the RARE high end.​
      Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."


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        EPISODE 4.14
        UP IN THE AIR

        IMDB Synopsis: Carter must solve an only-in-Eureka bank robbery before the town floats away, while Allison deals with unsettling episodes of lost time.

        WHEATON RETURNS!!!!!

        I enjoyed it.

        DIDN'T LIKE.....
        BIT OF A SPOILER AHEAD ............ I was VERY disappointed there wasn't an actual bank robbery.

        For the most part the entertainment value was there, but the concept was lacking for me. The show definitely tries way too hard in the wrong areas.
        But overall it was a fun episode.​
        Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."