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RIP Chadwick Boseman, 43

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  • RIP Chadwick Boseman, 43

    So celebrities die every day. This celebrity death seems particularly tragic to me. It is really hitting me hard. It isn't just that the poor man was ONLY 43, which in and of itself is just horrible. It is horrible for his family and those who knew him. This is true whenever some one dies. It isn't just that he was a talented actor who had SO many more roles ahead of him. I think the reason I can't stop thinking about this is because of the realization that this morning literally millions of people may have had to tell their children their favorite superhero died so tragically young. It is tough to explain death to children, but to tell a child that someone they idolized for being "SUPER" has succumbed to a horrible illness has got to be a particularly tough blow. How can someone with superpowers die from being sick? I can't even imagine how tough that is because those parents just lost that superhero too.

    I also feel that as far as my experience is concerned in this country, kids just lost a superhero at a time when they desperately need superheroes.

    I just needed to let that out. It is just such a horrible tragedy. I want to say that at least his family might have been somewhat prepared for it, but not a 43. No one is really prepared no matter how long someone is sick. What a tragedy...
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    I haven't seen any of his work (missed the ABC showing of "Black Panther" last night) but the outpouring of love has been amazing. It's obvious that he had immense talent and it's sad that it's gone so soon.
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      It's always a bit of a wake up call when someone so young dies.; life is so fleeting! I always feel an additional shock when the person dying is the same age as a relative/friend./myself. He was a talented actor and will be missed.