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  • Godzilla King of the Monsters Thoughts

    I was somewhat skeptical of seeing this movie because many of the poor reviews that I had seen/read. My 14 year old daughter and I had discussed it and we agreed that we would go and see it just for the various visuals that looked cool. So my wife, daugher and I went to see it on Saturday. All three of us really enjoyed it. This was surprising since my wife has indicated several times that this isn't her type of movie, yet she really liked it as well.

    We all agreed that it was far better than the last Godzilla Movie. Yes there were glitches in some of the acting (show me any movie that has perfect acting), but it was far easier to follow than the previous Godzilla movie. This reminds me of a few other movies over the years where the critics had given the movie really bad reviews, but went on to do really well based on word of mouth.

    One thing that was interesting was that my daughter was comenting of how anxious and warm she felt during and after seeing the film. We told her that she was likely experiencing high adrenaline from the movie, which this movie definitely does.

    What was also interesting was when I came across this review today:

    The above review is the only one that I have come across that gives the movie a perfect score.

    I'm hoping that people forego the majority of the negative critics and judge this movie for themselves. I'm curious what others thought of this movie after seeing it.
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    JMS was in on the 'writers room' for this one right?
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      The only news I have learned was that JMS was involved in the writers room of the upcoming Godzilla vs King Kong.

      What's also interesting as a footnote, when checking out the number of Google Users who liked the film, an amazing 92% liked the film as of writing this. So obviously my family and I weren't the only ones.
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        Personally I thought this movie was awful. I think they might be able to salvage it if they remove all of the scenes that involve people.
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