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    FF BB

    It's the FunnyFloured BruceBoxleitner.
    Who knows, where this comes from?

    This post is to test the pic tecs in the sw-updated forum.

    "Sci fi fans know Brexit by its true name: Kobayashi Maru."
    [Tade Thompson? tweet, Nov. 15, 2018]

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    Originally posted by B5-Stefan View Post
    Who knows, where this comes from?
    Could be one of three reasons causing this obvious quietness.

    1. all around here know the answer and are ashamed about me, to tell them such dumb questions.

    2. no one knows the answer and wouldn't show their ignorance.

    3. in this forum BB is of no interest at all.

    B5-Stefan, who assures you all, that the shown guy is definitely not Mr. BOXLEIGHTNER.

    "The purpose of all this is to keep asking what is the purpose of all this to ensure that a single, totally resolved answer is never determined.
    Because then the universe would have to start over. The search for meaning is its own purpose."
    [JMS tweet Nov.30, 2018]


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      He's opening a Soul Hunter orb isn't he? Lol


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        Originally posted by Bonehead View Post
        He's opening a Soul Hunter orb isn't he? Lol
        As a Minbari You really should know better!
        When Delenn cracked the orbs some air breeze got around.
        But definitely no WHITE POWDER.

        B5-Stefan :big grin:

        Delenn: "If the universe puts a mystery in front of us as a gift,
        politeness requires that we at least try and solve it."
        [Babylon5, Atonement]