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Top 5 Sci fi of all time(visual media)

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  • Top 5 Sci fi of all time(visual media)

    what are your picks for the top 5 best sci fi (visual) of all time?

    1. Star Trek (original)
    2. Doctor Who
    3. Twilight Zone
    4. B5
    5. Star Wars(in particular the first movie, or 4th for you peopel who think the recent ones are actully star wars)

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    1. Star Wars (A New Hope)
    That goes without saying!

    2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    I never liked that movie, but it sure made an impact.

    3. Star Trek (the original series)
    Well, at the time it was ground breaking when it comes to visualization.

    4. Star Wars (The Phantom Menace)
    From the entire series this one i REALLY hate, but you can't deny the ground breaking special effects, first real (well... you know what i mean) digital characters... you can hate it all you want, but you must admit.

    5. Babylon 5
    Not because i love it, but because it sure brought the CGI elements to the small screen which were dominant by models and miniatures.
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      Originally posted by Ranger1
      4. Star Wars (The Phantom Menace) ... you can hate it all you want, but you must admit.
      That is precisely what I feel about TPM in one sentence. It looked superb, but that was the only thing superb about it IMO. A great movie can stand looking sucky (to some extent), but it doesn't work the other way around.

      My five (and assuming we are going by the visuals alone ...

      1. Star Wars (4) - Quite unlike anything I had seen before, and pretty influential to an 8 year old.

      2. Blade Runner - I loved the fact that this looked and felt totally unlike Star Wars.

      3. Alien - Ahat can I say ... I love the way Ridley Scott films look.

      4. Babylon 5 - The whole CGI thing was a real eye-opener. Looked and felt different to anything else on TV at the time, and has been very influential (not necessarily in look, but definitely in method)

      5. Blakes 7 - To this day, I love this show because of, not in spite of the cheesy effects. Probably doesn't qualify for any "best" visuals awards, but they are one of my faves.
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        Hard, but I'll try...

        1. Blade Runner - because it catches a feeling in visuals and music (OK, music is not asked for...)
        2. Dune - because it is one of the few movies where I get totally immersed (sp?) (strangely ONLY in the original language, so I guess it might have to do with sound also)
        3. 2001 - because of the little details, like NO SOUND IN SPACE (shouldn't be a detail...)
        4. The Fifth Element - Fun, colors, designs, novelty
        5. Babylon 5 - The visuals got better, so it wouldn't stay here... but mainly I liked the show for story and characters, not so much for visuals...

        Edit: Reading my remarks makes me aware that I am MUCH more focused on sound than on visuals... so you might throw away that list now, as it seems not to the point, sorry...

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          Star Wars from 1977- Amazing visuals and FX for it's time. The year before had Logan's Run.

          Forbidden Planet- Every time I watch this, it's simply amazing how they pulled it off.

          Blade Runner- The first and best movie that helped give cyberpunk it's look and feel.

          Neon Genesis Evangelion- The first anime that made my jaw drop

          Babylon 5- The first TV series to make extensive use of CGI.

          The following isn't in any order
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            1. B5 (seriously)
            2. Bladerunner
            3. Soylent Green
            4. 12 Monkeys
            5. Alien
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              1. Battlestar Galactica (2004)
              2. Babylon 5
              3. Star Wars (classic original trilogy)
              4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
              5. Firefly
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