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What's your fave sci-fi TV series so far and why?

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  • Ranger1
    Star Trek (all of them)

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  • RCmodeler
    Originally posted by Radhil
    13 shows to list is actually quite a few man.

    13 out of the ~500 fantasy shows made is not too impressive IMHO. That's why I said "few".

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  • Shivkala
    B 5
    Red Dwarf

    I used to really like star trek, but since voyager's premiere, it hasn't done anything for me, so I stopped watching it

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  • Radhil
    My top sci-fi shows are Babylon 5, Farscape, Buffy, and for the little it ran (and continues to eek out) Firefly. Most of these simply have the quality of stories and quality of characters I like to see. There's not ranking to them in my book, they're simply "up there".

    If you get out of the "hard" sci-fi/fantasy area, I'd also include Alias, Joan of Arcadia, and the newly out Wonderfalls.

    13 shows to list is actually quite a few man.

    Angel, Stargate SG-1, and Dead Zone I also watch, but they're more just filler shows to me, something I'll watch if I have time but don't utterly make a priority.

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  • What's your fave sci-fi TV series so far and why?

    Oh my... not many sadly. Too many shows that start well (Earth: Final Insult to Gene Roddenberry) and get prematurely canceled/destroyed by suits.

    (1) Absolute Favorite = Babylon 5 (all 5 seasons) - Its "novel for TV" format gave it more depth than any other show.
    (2) Red Dwarf (all) = I've laughed so hard I cried.
    (3) Star Trek: Original Series (seasons 1-2) - real sci-fi authors
    (4) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (seasons 1-7) - took risks with new ideas & I liked the continuing storyline arc
    (5) Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 1-7) - almost every episode was entertaining
    (Note the absence of Voyeur and Enterforaprize.)
    (6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1-5) - liked the continuing storyline
    (7) X-Files (seasons 1-5) - entertaining episodes that sometimes scared me :-)
    (8) Twilight Zone (all) - ditto
    (9) Doctor Who (doctors 4/5 = late 70s-early 80s) - uh, just fun to watch
    (10) Sliders (season 1) - like alternate history/comedy combo
    (11) Earth: Final Conflict (season 1 - it was great then destroyed)
    (12) Crusade (season 1 - I saw potential for greatness)
    (13) Earth2 (season 1 - I saw potential for greatness)

    Did I forget any? Probably. There are some series which many people talk about and love, but I deliberately left out:

    - Blake's 7 = many people like this but when I watched it, I was bored. Started good in episodes 1-10, but then kind of fell apart.
    - Mystery Science Theater - sorry but even with funny voiceovers, watching bad movies is just too painful!!!
    - Old/New Outer Limits - haven't seen it yet!
    - Farscape - not seen
    - The Prisoner - not seen
    - Stargate - saw it but not impressed by season 1.

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