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So.... what do you think about Superman? (may contain spoilers)

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    I agree, the plot had serious problems. The worst of which was the writing - it was horrible, atrocious and it ultimately sucked a great deal. A big part of the reason why was the pacing - there were simply way too many long pauses where with no plot development whatsover - booooooring. The music - god the music - god it sucked. Traditional, conservative heard it hundreds of times before crap. The best thing you can say about the music is that it suited the writing a great deal. They were both written by people with no skill or talent or imagination whatsoever (sorry im on a rant). I've never cared less about SuperMan's personal life.

    It just makes me want to cry when movies misrepresent and are vastly outpreformed by the original works. Ugghhh - I saw part V for vendetta the other day and I had to hit the stop button; couldn't bare to watch it anymore - it looked like it was written by a couple of 4 year olds.

    Makes me want to cry. Or hit things. Or projectile vomit all over my keyboard and shirt.

    (rant, im just on a rant)

    I didn't like the guy who played Clark, but that's just me. I hate the quiet reserved passive types who play this type of role. I think SuperMan should still be sensative - but he needs to have some balls.

    The Lois, Cyclops, Clark angle? - again never been more bored in life. Cyclops was still kind of cool, only one of the actors I liked.

    Lois was smart - but a hardass. Is Lois a hardass in the comics? - I think not!

    Lex Luther - Not bad. Actually I don't read the comics (just sort of glance at them once or twice a year) so I have no idea if his personality - ala Spacey - was a good idea/bad idea. Still..... not bad, he had his moments.

    You can maybe give the movie a few points for the few, really cool action scenes. Begining to think Bryan Singer is the only one who did his job right. If he had to do a movie about SuperMan - couldn't he have at least picked a better script?
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