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What are your favorite Awards?

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  • What are your favorite Awards?

    (see subject)

    Mine are:

    Hugos (science fiction chosen by fans)
    Nebulas (science fiction chosen by writers)

    That's about it. I used to like the Oscars, but discovered that many of the movies which won awards really weren't that good.

    The Hugos are cool because they award great tv shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, Lord of the Rings won for both parts 1 and 2!

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    I'm not big on awards. I like ones that are voted on by fans, because that's how you get a real gauge of who deserves an award, not by some sophisticated, biased judge. I was surprised at how many awards LOTR won, as they deserved it.
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      MTV movie awards no just kidding of course.
      Im not an award guy myself,but i would say if i have to choose then the Oscars... i know lame.
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        I'm a big Oscar fan, just because they are huge, and sometimes those who deserve the award the most get screwed over... and sometimes they don't. And when they don't, it's an incredible feeling, i.e. This year's Oscars, with the big LotR win.

        Won't get that feeling from the Hugos or other award shows (although I am very fond of the Hugos for the reasons listed above)


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          Since most of the SF I get is written I also honor the Hugos and the Nebulas.

          Since I've read way too many SF (including several, but not all Hugo and Nebula compilations) I think the Nebulas are better... with hindsight you realize that writers have a better eye at picking what really was relevant thematically or stylistically and of picking authors that become the best (even if not prolific).
          Fan awards sometimes go with popularity, not quality.
          But I must say that the Hugos have usually been pretty good selections.

          Among the Nebulas I think that the Grand Master award marks a writer that is really worth exploring.

          The Oscars are just entertainment... even worse for the Grammy's (purely commercial-succes not talent based, winning one has become and anti-recommendation IMO).
          The Golden Globes aren't that bad, but still not always choices I like.
          And I never cared for the Emmy's...
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